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Sunday, March 4
Arjan Neng will be hosting Wai Kru event (praying respect to the Master ceremony day) in Bangkok, Thailand. We welcome every disciples of Arjan Neng to join this very important ceremony which is only done once a year. Wai Kru include individual Krop Sian Lersi, blessing and a free amulet will be given out by Arjan Neng
Ajarn Neng has changed the needle and ink each time, so that everyone who come to recieve Sak Yant Tattoo are safe from getting any diseases.

What is Sak Yant?
Sak Yant is geometrical design tattooed on bodies. Since ancient time, some people especially men believe that a Yant is sacred and provide power of protection and various blessings through Buddhist psalms. Sak Yant has many implications of beliefs and rituals for example, before performing Sak Yant, the performer must pray Buddhist psalms to pay respect for older generations who passed on the knowledge of Sak Yant; the performing or after the tattoo is done. Each performer has his/ her own designs. Clients can choose from the existing designs. Most designs are fabled creatures in mythology, ancient Khmer alphabets and numbers, or combinations of all. The designs are unique for each performer.
The reason Sak Yant still exists is that many people still believe in the power of good fortune and protection of Yant. Different designs of Yant are believed to provide different types of power. Some designs are believed to help easing up difficult situations; some provide protection of dangers, some are believed to provide immortality even, which mentally helps strengthening confidence and faith of the people having a Yant. However, it is also believed that a Yant will provide those powers only if the people having a Yant carry out good deeds.
Sak Yant is superstitiously believed to provide 2 main types of benefits; either for good fortunes or protection of dangers. For latter benefit, designs preferred are fabled creatures such as tigers, simian, swan, lions, or other designs that seem like armors for example, Yant Kroa Phet, Yant Kao Yod etc. People seeking good fortunes prefer designs of lizards or Salika birds which are signs of charm and beloved which are believed to help yielding good result for negotiations, or businesses. A Yant has to be on an appropriate part of the body otherwise it will not render its power. Mostly people would want a Yant placed where it is clothed. Popular positions are on the back, chest, neck, head, shoulder, arm, midriff, face, hand and knee respectively or the Yant performer might decide where to place the tattoo for the clients himself.
Types of Yant
• Maetthaa Mahaniyom – Compassion from other is obtained, popularity is achieved with one’s peers and people feel the need to help you.
• Mahaa Sanaeh – Charm and attraction to make one attractive to the opposite sex, or even obtain the love of a particular person.
• Amnaj – The wearer is rendered powerful is both senses, physical or in a more subtle way such as Politically, This kind of Yant of interest to people wishing or need to command respect and obedience.
• Kong Grapan – Protection from sharp weapons and projectile objects.
• Chathrii - Protection from hardwood.
• Klaew Klaad – Power of evasion-fatal accidents and dangers are avoided thought the power of this kind of Yant.
• Choke Laap – Luck and Fortune (winning lotteries)
Rules of Conduct
1. Do not speak inauspiciously to or of your Mother, Father or master(Kroo).
2. Do not take the drugs.
3. Do not be anybody’s lover who is already married.
Do not think that the power of the yant will protect you if you intend to use those power for bad deeds.

Sak Yant, this word has been around for thousands years; however there is no specific evident of where and when the practice of Sak Yant exactly started. Many experts and researchers believe that the practice of Sak Yant is taken from the “Ramakian” epic which dated back thousands of years.
In Thailand, the practice of Sak Yant began since the Buddhism came to Thailand, and Thai people began applying the Yantra tattoo by using the mixture of ancient Khmer and Buddhist Pali script.
For those who would like to get the Yantra tattoo from Ajarn Neng, map and directions can be obtained from the website via, www.Thaisakyant.com, under the contact section. Samnak Sak Yant Ajarn Neng is located at Soi Peung Mee 50/24, 93 Sukhumvit Road, Kwang Bang Jak, and Phra Khanong District Bangkok. Samnak Sak Yant Ajarn Neng also easily accessible via the BTS Sky train from Bang Jak Station and then you can get the motorbike taxi or taxi to the place simple.
For any enquiry in regards to Sak Yant or would like to book any appointments, can call Ajarn Neng at 085-0759061. Samnak Sak Yant Ajarn Neng opens from 10:30am till 3:00pm.
At Samnuk Ajarn Neng, there are many forms of Yantra available, however Ajarn Neng will look at the appropriateness of the Yantra that suitable for each individual and will also place the Yantra on your body on the right composition beautifully with his own style.
There are many Yantra that are popular among Ajarn Neng apprentices; these are Yant Serm Duang, Yant Maha Larp, Yant Gao Yod, Yant Hanuman, Yant Chingchok Sadung, Yant Por Gae, Yant Kwan Hleauhlung and Yant Petchphayathorn.
In the past, the Thai warriors believed that by covering In the past, the Thai warriors believed that by covering their body with the Sak Yant Tattoos, it would make them become invulnerable to attack while providing spiritual protection. At the same time Sak Yant is also practice with the believe that it would make the wearers successful in life. The reasons why people believe that Sak Yant is sacred is that every Yant is made up from the teaching from the Lord Buddha and “Kata” (mantras) that each individual Ajarn receive from their Master and Grand Master.
Ajarn Neng Oonuch has studied and practiced many facets of magic making, including Sak Yant, Na Nar Thong and different styles of mantra. Ajarn Neng has studied and practiced from different masters around Thailand and considered as one of the most well-know Sak Yant masters in Thailand that has many apprentices from both in Thailand and overseas.
Sak Yant tattoo was traditionally practiced by using a long bamboo stick sharpened to a point or alternatively using a long metal spike. Some Sak Yant master using the metal spike that would usually made up from the nail that already used with the coffin with the belief of the magical power.
The ink that used in Sak Yant will required to pass the procedure of making the ink more sacred such as mixing with 108 different sedges, flags and different types of traditional herbs. At Ajarn Neng, “Khem Sak” (Tattoo needle) and ink is made by Ajarn Neng himself followed the traditional style to ensure the most sacred process is happening while you get the Sak Yant with Ajarn himself. While Ajarn Neng commencing the practice of Sak Yant, he will also go through every details of Kata (spell) to ensure that the Sak Yant recipient receive the most sacred and powerful Sak Yant from Ajarn.

At Samnak Ajarn Neng, Ajarn himself emphasize on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. All the tattoo needles or “Khem Sak” are usually sterilized by using alcohol to kills all the germs, virus and bacteria. After sterilized the needle with the alcohol, Ajarn Neng also use a direct flame to sterilize the metals until it’s become red hot. Not only that, Ajarn Neng use new ink and new hand towel for every person that receives the Sak Yant tattoo to make sure that no one get any disease or illness from tattoo needle or ink.

It is considered crucial for the person receiving tattoo to have “Sin Haa” (five precepts), which are the five basic precepts for all Buddhists to live their lives by. Importantly, At Ajarn Neng, there are certain traditional rules that the tattoo receiver should practice. These include;
• Do not look down on other’s father, mother and teachers.
• Do not consume gourd, cucurbit, and star apple. (It is believed that consume these types of vegetables and fruit will wash all the magical power off).
• Do not consume any reptile animals such as; snake, crocodile, etc.
• Be faithful to your husband and wife.
• Do not use any illegal drugs.
The above rules are to ensure that each individual making good deed to keep the Yant tattoo remain sacred.
Sak Yant is a form of belief that has been practice for centuries; therefore we should conserve this form of Thai’s art and practice and pass on these traditions to the future generations. Please visit our web board for open discussions about Sak Yant and view all the Yant available in the photo section.
Ajarn Neng The passion of ajarn Neng for sak yant tattoos started few years ago when he has decided to become a Buddhist monk for a period of three months. It was at the monastery when he made his first tattoo that the desire to learn sak yant was born. There, with the teaching of Buddhist monks, he started to learn the Pali, the Khom alphabet and the Kata, the magical spells. Then, to improve his knowledge, he followed the teachings of mediums and those of master Thong. Few years later, Ajarn Proyote has found that he had the qualities needed to make a good disciple. He undertakes a period of apprenticeship and finally become Master’s Proyote assistant. People started to appreciate the power of his tattoos, and his work became popular. So, to the surprise of his family, Ajarn Neng decided to abandon his profession as a designer and became a master of sak yant.
Each ajarn has his way of practicing sak yant. Ajarn Neng prefers to let the person to choose the tattoo image. However, he always gives his opinion because the image must be chosen in accord with birth dates and must fit the personal search for protection, charm or other. Furthermore, the drawing, the yant, must match the mantra (sacred formula).
Today, Ajarn Neng is seeking for a good Buddhist person, with good heart and good deeds, for teach him sak yant tattooing and make him his assistant. A sak yant master must be devoted to meditation and pray Buddha every day. Ajarn Neng underlines that since he has abandoned his professional life as a designer and decided to become a master of sak yant, his life has changed radically. He is a very happy man.
Thai Sak Yant deep routed in Thailand long time ago. Now it became more and more popular. People around the world travel to Thailand to have Sak Yant (Tattoo). It is not only the unique style of each yant , but also the meaning of each inscription.
Arjarn Neng has more than 10 years of experience doing Sakyant. He learnt the magic spell and ancient Khmer Language for his whole life. He has some famous client such as “Steven Seagall” and “Brook Sheilds”. However he is still keep the traditional style with affordable price. Arjan Neng uses rod and steal needle work for Sak Yant to keep the traditional way of doing Sak Yant. However hygiene is the most priority of his concern. Therefore Arjan Neng changes the new needle , disposal gloves and ink for every client. You could see these processes when you have Sak Yant.
Arjan Neng creates some unique style of Yant as he could read and adapt the ancient Khmer language on each yant for the beauty of art and the value which stick with you for a lifetime. He keep all precepts of Sak Yant and regularly donate money for charity.
To make a higher standard of our service and give a client best experience. Arjan Neng has cooperate with the best translator team. As Arjarn Neng focuses on the real traditional sak yant art. So he could communicate basic English not a deep conversation. But we provide optional service of guide and translator team. You could contact us directly by sending email : arjanneng@hotmail.com

Treatment after Sak Yant. 1. We would put a wrap on your Sak Yant. You could take it off after four hours.
2. You could wash it or take a shower gently without putting a soup on the area of your Yant. You should wear losing T-shirt with dark color for a couple of days.
3. Put Vaseline wax on it 3-4 times per day until the wound healed. It would take at least 7 days depends on your body.
4. If it is itchy in the area of your Yant. Do not scratch it. Please hit it gently. It would take 7-10 days to healed.
5.Please avoid swimming or sunbathing of the first couple of weeks. And do not use whitening lotion.
6.Avoid to go in the ocean as the sea water has some virus and bacteria and the salt could destroy skin cell.
7. Avoid to drink alcohol for couple of weeks as it affect your blood and sweats which could cause the ink on your Yant.
7.No sauna or steam.

First time to have Sak Yant. You must :
1. No alcohol before having Sak Yant 24 hours as the alcohol makes higher blood pressure. And it would mix with the ink which turns to be a not so good result.
2.You should eat and have enough sleep
- Sak Yant could take from 30 minutes to 10 hours depends on what Yant you pick. Sometime we have clients in line. The process of Sak Yant is more pain than having a normal tattoo. It is best to prepare your body to be in the good condition.
3.Dress properly. Please do not wear too short skirt or no bra. We believe that our place has guardian’s protection. Please being respected
4. Avoiding sunbathing in the area that you plan to have Sak Yant. As your sunbathing area of your skin could be burnt. And the result would not be perect.

5.No medicine or drug before having Sak Yant. As some medicine could affect higher blood pressure and distract your focus while having Sak Yant.
6. Avoid to have coffee as it could bring more pain when you have Sak Yant.
7. Choose the right yant , right size , and the right spot. As each part of your body has different pain when you have Sak Yant. And the work is harder or easier differ from each part of body as well.
8.If we have many clients in line. We would like you to have Yant which take less time of work. As we would like to share and give people Sak Yant as much as possible. Some people just flew to have Sak Yant with Arjan Neng and flew back home at the same day.
9. Health condition.
Avoid to have Sak Yant of you have hemophilia or disease that could not stop bleeding.
12.There are many Sak Yant masters in Thailand. But only few of them has real understanding for Sak Yant tradition. Please make sure before having Sak Yant that the master that you have chosen. He has knowledge of Sak Yant and committed Sak Yant precepts properly.
13. The master is not a doctor. Most of our clients(99%) has no problem after having Sak Yant. But in a rare occasion , some people’s body has specific allergic and need a treatment from doctor.

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