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  1. You should eat at least 4 hours so your body is ready to get Sak Yant.
  2. Sak Yant tattoo and regular tattoo is different pain and feeling, please consider carefully before you’re going to get a large size.
  3. You should not be drinking alcohol at least 6 hours in advance before Sak Yant.
  4. Have enough rest before getting Sak Yant. (At least 6 hours of sleep)
  5. You should not be taking any chemical addictive drug such as Heroin, Cocaine, and Ecstasy before getting Sak Yant within 48 hours or in general.
  6. Be reasonable as the ink could spread on the sensitive part of the body such as Forearms, Bicep, under Armpit and Rib if you are choosing to get it there
  7. DO NOT get a get Sak Yant if you’re Pregnant, Breastfeeding, having Hepatitis (A,B,C), H.I.V, Heart disease, Keloid scaring, Kidney issues, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Immune Deficiencies.
  8. Let Tattoo Master choose the place for you if you are uncertain of a place to put on and they have more experience than you.


Sak Yant Aftercare

  1. Take off a plastic wrapped after a few hours and wash off with water.
  2. You feel free to shower but do not put any soup or shower gel into the area of your Sak Yant, only wash it
    with water for 5-7 days until it healed.


  3. Either you could leave it for 24 hours or after you wash off with water. You should start to put coconut oil or tattoo cream once/twice a day. (Don’t let it dry to your skin)
  4. It will become a scab (do not worry, it’s normal) please do not scratch it as it will take off the ink from your skin.
  5. Avoid swimming pool, ocean, sauna and sunbathing for the first couple of weeks.
  6. Do not use whitening lotion.
  7. Avoid drinking alcohol for couple of weeks as it affect your blood and sweats which could cause the ink on your Yant.
  8. Be aware that Sak Yant will take 1-2 months to actually blended in with the skin

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